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Welcome to the community! The Paradise Pines Property Owners' Association is a Common Interest Development, with 3,370 properties included, within the area of Magalia, CA. This area has a wealth of recreational areas, local events, and breathtaking natural beauty. If you have any questions about our Association please call our office at (530)873-1114. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are already a member of the association please log in to your User Profile for more information regarding your association. Thank you!


Applications for Homeowners interested in 
Dry Camp Sites at the POA Village or for Camp Host
are now available on the secured side of our website.

1.  Please access the application by choosing Resources, then Documents 

2.  Homeowners who would like to submit an applicaiton to be drawn in the POA Lottery Style process must submit by:

3.  Monday, February 11th, at 4:30 pm.

Please note:  Board of Director Meetings
are for Home and Property Owners only.


Board of Directors Regular Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – 7:00 P.M. POA Recreation Facility




      I.           PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE



            A.        Executive Meeting

            B.        President's Report



A.               Review Minutes of January 15, and January 21, 2019 Meeting(s)




   V.           FINANCIAL

A.   Review and approve October, November December, January Financials


 VI.           COMMITTEES

A.   Appointment or Removal of Committee Members & Chairman

B.    Committee Reports

a)     Architectural Control

b)     Compliance Inspection

c)     Design Review                  

d)    Greenbelt

e)     Hardship

f)      Emergency Preparedness

g)     Policies & Procedures

h)     Social/ Events

i)       Trails



A.   Review and Approve ACC proposed Rule Changes

B.    RV Parking on POA Grounds – Review Rules and Possible Lottery Pick

C.    RVParking on POA Lots

Homeowners Trees damaged, burned, seared or
root damaged due to the Camp Fire do not require
a tree permit to remove.  Trees not damaged during
the Camp Fire will still require a Tree Permit. 
Please call the Administration Office at 530-873-1114
if more i



 is needed.

Annual Assessment of $235 were due by July 1st!

If you haven't paid, you can still pay online by clicking

the link at the top of the page or by going to


*Upcoming Events*

Look for more information in The Nugget!

We have the most current issues here on the website! Check them out!

To submit an agenda item for an upcoming Board Meeting please click

here and fill out this 
form: Agenda Item Request Form
. The form will be

submitted online for your convenience. 


Camp Fire Aftermath FAQ's

Q: My home was destroyed, do I have to rebuild?


A: No, there is nothing that requires you to rebuild your lot.  If you do not rebuild, you are still responsible to maintain your lot free of debris and other hazards on a regular basis.


Q: My home was destroyed, is the POA going to clean my lot?

A: No.  Whether you have insurance or not,  governmental agencies will clean your lot.  Please fill out the proper paperwork no later than January 31st, 2019.  Paperwork may be found on butte county’s website (https://buttecountyrecovers.org/debrisremoval)


Q: My home was destroyed, do I still have to pay dues?

A: Yes.  The dues are not per home, it is per lot regardless if there is a structure on the lot or not. 


Q: My home was destroyed, am I going to get a proration of my dues refunded?

A: No.  (see answer above)


Q: When are the POA facilities going to be opened?

A:  The Board and management are currently working with the insurance adjusters to approve the cleaning of the buildings that are required in order for us to allow people to enter the buildings.  The Administration Office and the Racine Center are now open and the Rec Hall is available for meeting and Activities.  The Bar is not yet available.  


Q: I have trees that were scorched badly, do I need a permit to remove them?

A: No.  At this time trees that have been damaged, burned or the root system burned may be removed by the homeowner without a tree permit.  


Q: My insurance company is making me remove all of the trees on my lot.  Do I still need a permit?

A:  Yes, but the permit would be only for the trees not damaged in the fire.  (see answer above), and be prepared to show the letter from your insurance company.


Q:  Is the POA going to dissolve or is the Board of Directors going to dissolve the POA?

A: No.  The Board of Directors does not have the authority to dissolve the POA.  In order for the POA to be dissolved, there must be a vote of the membership with 100% of the owners voting YES to dissolve.

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